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Sample Installation


Installing your rolling door and hardware can easily be done by following the steps below. For this installation, you will need your rolling door hardware kit (which includes the roller straps, rail, mounting brackets, rail end stops, floor door stop, floor center guide and the rail tape and splice kit if necessary). You will also need a solid door that is at least 6 inches wider than the door opening. 

For this particular sample installation, we will be following along blogger Diane of "In My Own Style" as she installs a rolling door in her bathroom. 



Roller Strap Installation on Doors

  1. Install the roller straps onto the top edge of the door. The location of these straps is critical for the proper, safe use of the rolling door. You can attach a mounting board if needed so you have an even surface.
  2. The distance between the top of the door and the outer diameter of the back of the wheel (measured from the back of the door) should be 13/16” – 7/8” (this will achieve approximately 3/32” gap between the top of the door and the rail when these measurements are achieved).
  3. Using the screws provided, attach the strap to the door. It is very important that the screws are installed into solid wood, not hollow-core doors with thin veneer skins. It is also recommended that you pre-drill the screw holes. Make sure that proper vertical alignment of the strap is achieved before fastening the strap to the door.


Rail Installation

  1. The location of the rail is dependent on the height of the door, the desired gap between the floor and bottom of the door and the desired overlap of the top of the door to door opening.
  2. Recommended spacing for the wall mounted brackets is 16”.
  3. The short bracket will accommodate doors up to 1-1/2” thick. The long bracket will accommodate doors up to 2-14” thick.
  4. The wall brackets must be mounted securely into the studs behind the sheetrock. If the brackets are to be mounted on the molding surrounding the opening, the molding must be firmly secured to the wall framework.


Attach the Door to Rail

  1. Get a helping hand if possible.
  2. Remove the rail from the brackets (there is a groove along the back of the rail that slides over the bracket tips).
  3. Slide the rail under the rollers you attached to the door.
  4. Once the rail is under both rollers, slide the rail back over the lips of the brackets.


Install End Stops & Center Guide (floor mounted & wall mounted)

  1. Attach an end cap onto each end of the rail.
  2. After installing the door onto the rail, slide the door to the desired opened position.
  3. Install the end stop bracket to the floor or wall so that the door stops in the desired open position.
  4. Install the center guide bracket so that the door will always be captured by this bracket in the fully opened and fully closed positions.
  5. Repeat step #3 for installation of the other end stop bracket when the door is in the closed position.