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Hidden Bookcase Door Installation Instructions

Required tools:

  • Cordless drill/screwdriver
  • Drill bils - 3/32" and 5/8"
  • Level
  • 1/4" Hex driver


  • Check the opening into which the InvisiDoor will be installed to verify that it is plumb and level. Correct operation and appearance of the InvisiDoor requires that the opening be level and plumb or you need to make accomodations for it.
  • The InvisiDoor pivot hinge is designed to be installed with the bottom hinge plate secured to stable, solid wood. Verify that the floor of the opening has adequate support for weight of the unit and holding power for the screws.
  • It is recommended that you test mount the hardware and install the InvisiDoor prior to applying stain and finish coat. This will eliminate the chance of damaging the finished product during the process of mounting the hinges and adjusting the unit. 

Use the diagrams to identify locations for the pivot hinge to be installed on the left or right side of the unit as either an outswing (which pulls out toward the bookcase side) or an inswing (which rotates away from the bookcase side). In most cases, the bookcase face frame will be flush with the drywall. Trim will later be mounted over teh drywall and bookcase face frame, spanning across the jamb. 

Install Hinges to Opening


Install Hinges to Bookcase

Install the mounting block (usually two 11/16" blocks on the bottom and one 1/2" on the top) to the hinged side of the bookcase unit. Modify the blocks or use blocks of a different thickness to create appropriate height and margin for your application.

Install Bookcase

For an outswing door, you will work from the backside of the InvisiDoor to put it into place on the lower hinge pin and install the capscrew through the top. 

Lift the bookcase into the opening. Set the hinge on the bottom of the bookcase onto the pin of the hinge plate on the threshold. Align the upper hinges and screw the set screw into the hinge plate on the header. Use of Lock-tite can prevent set screw from twisting loose over time.

Verify the fit of the trim against the installed InvisiDoor. A slight gap between the bookcase and face frame is necessary to allow clearance for the bookcase to swing. Adjust hinges as needed by using slotted holes in hinge plates. Predrill holes for remaining screws in each of the hinge plates. The provided 2-1/4" screws will be used to secure hinge plate 4 through the upper jamb into the door header. 

Install Support Foot

Mount bracket to the side of bookcase. Bracket must be attached near the face frame to allow enough clearance to swing past the jamb. Align the tapered stop to the location of the bolt when the door is in the closed position, mark the location, fasten it with the supplied tape/and or screw. 

Install Trim



A wide variety of trim styles will work for the inswing mounted InvisiDoor. Corner blocks, mitered corners, or built out crowns can all be used without interfering with the function of the door. Trim on both sides and the top of the door are mounted to the wall and serve as a stop for the door. Avoid using trim that has a narrow inside edges as it will not hold up as a stop. A 3/4" thick molding is recommended. It is also recommended that the trim overlay the face frame by 1/2" - 3/4".






Trim on the hinge side of the bookcase and the top will be attached to the wall, but the non-hinged side trim will be attached to the bookcase to act as a stop. It is recommended that the trim overlay the face frame by 3/4" and be mounted very securely to withstand the opening and closing of the door. The trim across the top of the door must be mounted to allow clearance for the door to swing below it. Also, allow clearance for the door-mounted trim to swing freely from the upper piece of trim as well as clear the floor.

Finish Bookcase

Remove InvisiDoor from the opening and remove hinge plates from the case. Do a final sanding of project. Apply stain and finish coat of choice according to manufacturer's directions. Reinstall hinges by mounting all screws. Reinstall InvisiDoor into opening and permanently install trim.