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5 Minute Video Shows: Installing the Rolling Barn Door You Imagined is Simple, Smooth and Oh-So-Easy

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We know you’ve been surveying the lovely, trendy Rolling Barn Door choices and have seen how the popular home fashion option has grown as recently reported by the Huffington Post and Fox News real estate sections. It’s just so nice to snuggle in at home and enjoy a bit of bucolic coziness right in your own abode. You may have even made a list of the door styles you prefer and you’ve surveyed the cleverly-named hardware on our site to suit your personal style.

A few elementary tools, a laptop and you’re set for smooth sailing
Not sure if you went with contemporary design or traditional Fleur-de-Lis styles and pondered whether you preferred your hardware in black, oil-rubbed bronze or satin nickel finish but there it is, all ready to go, boxes open by your side, instruction booklets at the ready. Grab a glass of iced tea, set your eyes on the screen— in just five minutes the simple installation steps will soothe your body, mind and decorator’s spirit.

Installing the Rolling Barn Door: Quiet Glide Round Rail System: 

Ready, Set, Install Rolling Barn Door
Watch the video through, then pick up the tools and prep your pause button for every simple step. As you see, the calm and collected young woman in the video moves through each step, the tools are just a few, common to your closet and you will even see exactly which size bits you will need for your handheld electric drill. The video offers wide shots and close-ups showing how to insert each screw from the kit, just where the hardware will be placed on the door, wall and door frame, and how to measure and mark each spot with graphic arrows and measurements superimposed on the video. Each individual piece of hardware is there (roller straps, round rail, door stops and more) included in the kits you’ve received and just where to place them. So feel free to rewind, go back to the “align the handle on the door in desired location” section and freeze the frame on re-drilling the hole for the fasteners.

Literally every inch (or ½”) of the process is shown. A few examples to illustrate the ease.

Setting the hardware on the door:

  1. Determine where the roller straps will be located on the door: a tight shot shows how to measure the back of the roller strap (3/4” from outside diameter of roller) and just where to mark the strap and transfer that measurement to the door. 
  2. Align roller strap to door: using an electric drill, you see how and where to drill the screws into the roller strap on the door. 
  3. Proper location of the roller strap allows the rail to pass between the roller and the top of the door: note the 3/32” gap.
  4. Align the handle on the door: insert the right bit and re-drill the hole for the fastener.
  5. Make room for door overlap & router out the door: adjust for open & closed positions and close-ups of how to rout the door to the depth of the pull, then install the door pull “with nails provided.” Done.

The Wall & Door Frame
Time to move on to prep the position where the door will smoothly glide open & shut

  1. Measure for the rail bracket installation: Reach up to the door frame, set the desired gap between the door and frame (typically ¼”). 
  2. Tap the end of the rail for the end caps: our leader easily screws on the end cap, then slide the brackets on the rail.
  3. Two steps up the ladder: grab your level, set the brackets on top of door frame, lift the rail in place and almost ready for photos.
  4. Slide the door onto the rail: from the open end, install the end cap and ah, thar she rolls.
  5. Apply the door bumper on door stop & set the center guide: use these fasteners from door stop and center guide kits. 

Put your hands in the door pull, enjoy quietly gliding your new Rolling Barn Door and practice your entry and exits.

Take Pride, Share Your Smooth Moves with the Family on Facebook. We promise, we’ll keep the simple installation steps to ourselves.

Your Turn to Shine
You Can Definitely Join the DIY Designers Today: Visit Rolling Door Design, choose the hardware shape, design and finish and get ready to show what you can do. 

Shop our finely crafted made in Wisconsin hardware.

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