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Stories Behind RDD’s Roller Strap Names, Part 2

Posted by Ken Reig on

Welcome to part two of our four-part series about the names of our roller straps! RDD has a large selection of roller straps, 19 different styles in total, that comes in three or four attractive finishes. Instead of using the name given by the manufacturer, we thought we’d give each roller strap a story. As you read on below, you’ll learn which roller straps have the most intricate back-story and those that were more of a challenge to name. You can check out part one here. 

The Earnhardt

The Earnhardt men are well known for their NASCAR accomplishments in racecar driving. Just like they are known for gliding with skill and style at high speed, this rolling door hanger is sleek and smooth, not unlike a racecar in motion.


The Eddie Vedder

If you’re familiar with the movie Into The Wild, you’ve heard the haunting soundtrack of howling sounds and soft tunes of the wilderness.


The Garfield

This rolling barn door hanger is probably a bit of a stretch in name, but if you think about it, the fun lasagna-loving cat Garfield would appreciate the simplicity of this design. Additionally, when curled up in one of his key sleeping position, Garfield would often resemble this triangular roller strap.


The Homer

When you read the name Homer, do you think of the author of the Iliad or the famous Dad from The Simpsons? Well if you compare the hanger style to the classic cartoon dad, you might see a resemblance. We did! 

Stay tuned for part three of this series coming soon...

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