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Stories Behind RDD’s Roller Strap Names, Part 1

Posted by Ken Reig on

When Rolling Door Designs launched, we knew we wanted to stand out from the rest. Rolling barn doors have become increasingly popular, and with so many businesses selling the hardware, we wanted to look different. RDD has a large selection of roller straps, 19 different styles in total, that comes in three or four attractive finishes. Instead of using the name given by the manufacturer, we thought we’d give each roller strap a story. As you read on below, you’ll learn which roller straps have the most intricate back-story and those that were more of a challenge to name. This is part one of a four-part series. 


The Barnum 

Barnum and Bailey’s three-ring circus is an institution that just about anyone would recognize. The three interlocking circles of this roller strap are reminiscent of the three rings of the circus, thus the Barnum name was born!


The Bowie

This notched roller strap design looks like a bowtie, and we thought giving it the name of the Bowie would offer two fun meanings! Whether you’re a big David Bowie fan or just love the bow style, you’ll be enamored with this roller strap right away.


The Bueller

Anyone, anyone? Bueller? This stick figure could have been named for just about anyone, but mischievous Bueller was the right choice for this fun and exciting roller strap.


The Don Draper

Don Draper of the TV show Mad Men epitomizes a time of sleek sophistication in the work place. Toss back a single malt scotch and pitch an advertising slogan in your office with a Don Draper hanger on your rolling doors. 

Stay tuned for part two of this series coming soon...

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