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Barn Door Hardware Trends

Posted by Ken Reig on

The Rising Popularity as an Interior Design Element

Google Trends shows that interest has risen over time for barn door hardware since about 2004. However the interest remained low, if consistent, until the middle of 2011 when the interest slowly began to rise. Google Trends uses a numeric scale of 0-100 to indicate interest in a search term. Hovering in the 40s around 2011, the number fluctuated around 70 in 2012. In July 2013, with complete data, shows the highest interest peak at 100.

More high profile blogs and even media entities are picking up on the trend and spreading it to the masses. Even Fox News posted recently about getting sliding barn doors in your home under their real estate section. The Huffington Post posted twice about the barn door phenomenon. In 2012 HuffPo first highlighted the trend, and then more recently they've posted a DIY article on installing your own barn door.

Design trends for the home often peak very quickly once discovered by a few blogs or sites. More often than not, these trends gain a great deal of traction before ultimately disappearing into the vast collection of past home trends. It's hard to tell what styles or items will stick around with timeless quality versus a flash-in-the-pan type trend. Rolling barn doors is the latest trend to hit every home design blog and stylist's portfolio in recent years.

Google Trends shows that the popularity of rolling barn doors has increased exponentially since it first emerged a few years ago. The first people to explore the idea where mostly home owners who already had a knack for thrifting, or finding unique items for their home. Back in 2011, Jen at Tater Tots and Jello hosted a guest post from another home blogger who found barn doors at a salvation yard and had them installed with the assistance of contractors. She presented pictures of several different uses for a sliding barn door, including having two that meet at a corner for a bathroom entrance.

People choosing a newly constructed home and going for a modern theme often chose barn doors to add another layer of character to their living space. AGBeat, a website chronicling new businesses and innovations, covered the emergence of rolling doors in the home in late 2011. Outside of the traditional wood stains and rustic styling, rolling barn door hardware can be found in glass or metal, or you can just paint the wood door any color you desire. 

With rolling barn doors at their peak popularity, it will be interesting to see this trend roll on into the future. The doors offer great functionality and character to your home. Get started with your own rolling barn door hardware today!

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