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Design Uses for Barn Door Hardware

Posted by Ken Reig on

Barn door hardware is becoming increasingly popular. With more eyes of Pinterest and similar websites, drawing more consumers into the home design world, people are discovering the beauty of the rolling barn door. People can make a choice to install a rolling barn door for the character it adds or for a primary new function in their home. Here we look at the ways you can use barn door hardware in your home.

Choosing a Rolling Door for Aesthetic Styling

Often the main appeal of a rolling barn door is the aesthetic value first. And there's nothing wrong with that! Rolling doors can give your home a unique rustic feel or transform a room easily with installation. With a selection of wood species and roller straps, you can customize your rolling door to accent or stand out in just about any room in your home. If you wish to divide two rooms without having a full wall or swinging door, a rolling barn door that you leave open adds a splash of character and style. Or consider using a rolling door for your bedroom or hall closet. Not only will it give that room a new look, but it makes that closet easy to access.

Choosing a Rolling Door for Function

You can also take the nice aesthetics of rolling barn door hardware and give it practical use in your home as well. Rolling doors need to be 6 inches wider than your door frame, which doesn't take up much space. Used in place of a traditional door, you save space without the door swing. Discretely cover your laundry room with rolling doors, or use them on an outdoor pool house for quick entering and exiting.

Installing a rolling door outside offers great functionality given the durability of the door. You can install the door on a shed or even an actual barn. The door is strong and can withstand the elements as well as constant opening and closing with many people coming and going.

Rolling barn doors are a great way to add both style and function to your home in a unique way. Whether you want a rustic look or a more modern streamlined style, you can find the right rolling door for your home! Check out the available single door and double door kits at Rolling Door Designs to find just what you need. 

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